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The Minority's call for an investigation of Covid-19 spending is solely political. Afenyo-Markin

The Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, stated that the minorities' demand for investigations into the Covid-19 funding is political. He stated that they believe minorities are being partisan in the run-up to the upcoming election in 2024. Hon. Afenyo-Markin maintains that the government cannot spend public cash without first informing the people.

As a result, minority attempting to mislead the public about the Covid-19 monies need not be concerned. The Covid-19 funds are made up of money contributed by worldwide organizations to aid in the fight against the Corona virus. So, the Majority Leader was trying to explain to us why the government would spend this money without notifying the public.

Even what they're looking into, he claims, is the work of the public account committee. They have the authority to look into situations involving public finances. He went on to say that minorities are attempting to undermine the Auditor General's authority.

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