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When It Comes To Noise-Making And Propaganda, NDC Does Come Close To NPP - Alex Segbefia Reveals

On 'THE BIG ISSUE' on CITI television yesterday, 13th November 2021, the Director of International Relations of the NDC and a former Health Minister, Alex Segbefia, reacting to the responses by Yaw Buaben Asamoah to the comments by John Dramani Mahama on the economy, has stated that when it comes to noise-making and propaganda, the NDC does come close to the NPP.

According to Alex Segbefia, it is appalling to note that Ghanaians are suffering under the leadership of this current government.

Alex Segbefia indicated that he wouldn't mind if this NPP government would come out and tell Ghanaians that they are sorry for their inability to do what they promised Ghanaians. He said the failure of the government to make life better for Ghanaians might be blamed on COVID-19, but the truth is that they've got some of their policies wrong.

Alex Segbefia stated that the fact that the NPP are clapping and praising themselves is what is annoying people even more because some few people are well of whereas the majority are still suffering.

"We buy petrol everyday, so we know how difficult things have become for the ordinary Ghanaian."

Alex Segbefia revealed that there is no way if it was the NDC was in government, they would have been allowed to get away with half of the things this NPP government is doing, let alone where we have reached as a country in terms of hardship.

"They way the NPP play their politics is all about noise. When it comes to propaganda, we in the NDC don't come close to the NPP. You just heard their communication officer, Yaw Buaben Asamoah speaking, and we don't come close to that propaganda. The propaganda is repeated several times for it to become the truth, which is why we are all living the lie now."

He concluded by adding that everybody is suffering and feeling the pinch of the lies and propaganda of the NPP government.

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