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The Approved Uniforms by the Security Services on December 7 out, any other are unauthorized -PHOTOS

The general elections comes off tomorrow December 7. One thing the entire country is more concern about and pray for is seeing peace prevailing during and after the elections even when the results are declared by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Ensuring order in all the polling stations in the country requires the hefty presence of security service personnel because the truth that must be told is, there is never going to be an impeccable elections without mild confusions here and there.

In view of this, the presence of the security services specifically the Police Service, Fire Service, Immigration Service, Custom Service and Prison Service at the various polling stations mostly deter potential trouble makers to make their nefarious plans hatched die out in their minds.

It is worthy to note that, with just a day to the polls the various security services are geared up and well equipped for the task ahead hence all fears of any possible commotion should be allayed.

More so, for the security services to ensure that they go about their duties on the day of election without other bad people disguising themselves and mixing up with them with the intention to cause problems, they have publicly displayed their approved uniforms the public are going to see them in at all polling stations across the country.

All security service personnel assigned to the various polling stations across the country will be known to all the EC officials including all polling agents representing all the various political parties at station.

Per information from the Police Service, all the authorized uniforms will come with Name Tags of the personnel and the Police uniform especially may come with bullet proof vests, helmets or body cameras supplied by the administration.

Below are the approved uniforms to be worn by the various security service personnel for election duty tomorrow, 7th December:

The public is urged to be very vigilant and take critical note of the approved uniforms of the security service personnel who are going to be at all the various polling stations across the country come December 7. This means that never hesitate to raise an alarm on any "officer" in an unauthorized uniform you see at your station.

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