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Never Be Ashamed Of Your Dwarf Child;Meet The Smallest 3 Feet 11 Inches Lawyer With Dwarf Condition

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Many parents will have a difficult time accepting birth deformity of dwarfism and will be disappointed due to the discrimination they are to likely to face from the community including family members and friends. The discrimination which the child will suffer shall impact negatively on him or her. Some institutions like schools will be one of the most challenging for kids with birth defects to endure.

The stereotyping will eventually lead to stigmatization as physically challenged persons are often labelled as menace to society. Despite all odds against her, this 24 years old lady with dwarf deformity never gave up on her dream of becoming a lawyer. Harwinder Kaur, is the new smallest stature lawyer in the whole of India.

She has promised to fight court cases for the physically challenged for free. Bullied heavily at school, she started to hate school and skipped classes, detaching herself from her peers caused her to miss most of her teenage years as a happy person. Her mental toughness strengthened and enabled her to push through.

It occurred to her that it wasn't her fault to be born with this defect and so struggled to succeed. Her mockers today, have become admirers and those who looked down upon her, are appreciating her services. She indicated that her vision was to become an air hostess but that became impossible so she chose law to become the voice of the voiceless.

People with self low esteem and inferiority complex are now looking up to her for motivation. This is the story of Harwinder alias Ruby India's smallest lawyer. You can also make it. Don't give up.

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