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2 Northern ‘MPs’ who have openly called out Haruna Iddrisu since 2015

It is a loosely held bit of information that two legislators have transparently gone after current Minority Pioneer Haruna Iddrisu who is viewed as serious areas of strength for a for the resistance Public Vote based Congress(NDC) in the Northern Locale.

However the Previous Priest for Exchange and Industry has not actually answered these assaults, his allies have risen and commonly the matter subsides normally in light of a legitimate concern for party solidarity and union. tests two such open eruptions which give off an impression of being comparable in nature with a similar topic.

A previous Delegate Priest of Exchange and Industry Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed in 2015 went wild on the radio guaranteeing a few people he neglected to name were organizing his defeat.

Talking on Tamale-based Jewel FM, he attacked a few Heads of Tamale for permitting their soul to be purchased by what he named the "poorly gotten, dirty" money of the said MP.

He depicted the bosses as deceivers and really considered dismissing their calls in the event that he begins standing in opposition to the lead of the MP who is supporting endeavors to make him disliked in the Nanton voting public he has committed a ton of assets.

"Do they have any idea the amount I spend in my body electorate? What business do they have in others' voting demographic?" He commented

As per him, the assessment chiefs who ought to have denounced the direct of the MP being referred to were quiet in light of the fact that their soul had been compromised for cash from dicey sources advance notice that they dare not stop him in the event that he begins getting into the sticky situation.

In the end, he lost his seat to the NPP and later changed to an electorate and got back to parliament in 2021.

The Previous Individual from Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has charged MP for Tamale South and Minority Pioneer Haruna Iddrisu of meddling in the inward governmental issues of Kumbungu, showing that he won't take such obstruction in his Body electorate ( Kumbungu) resting.

In an emphatic explanation regarding this situation via virtual entertainment, Ras Mubarak focused on that Haruna Iddrisu would need to remain in his Supporters ( Tamale South ) and mind his business, demanding that the NDC has a place with all.

"The individuals who figure they can sit in their bodies electorate and meddle in interior decisions in others' areas ought to reconsider. Party seniors have observed reserved for Haruna Iddrisu to make issues in the area. You approach asking who Ras Mubarak's contender for electorate races is. It's not quickness, it's weakness. Others might accept it without a fight. I will not.

The party has a place with us all. You would remain in your supporters and psyche your business there. You need to control NDC by figuring out who gets what and where? Not in Kumbungu. Ease off Kumbungu and mind your business Mr. Minority Pioneer," he composed.

Ras Mubarak who was the MP for the area lost at the parliamentary primaries and in this manner was removed from parliament with another face.

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