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How Key Individuals Reacted To The Fiasco Walking Away Of NPP On The 2022 Budget In Parliament

The brouhaha surrounding the 2022 budget has given rise to comments, sentiments, reactions and insights into what has become a political banter between the two giant political parties in the country.

I have carefully collated comments made by some key individuals that matter in what many has described as political indifference on unsettled matters.

Take a stroll through the comments below:

Speaker of Parliament: Rt. Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin

"As the Speaker, I will do all I can, not to allow the government to obstruct or frustrate parliament in its lawful duty. That is a pledge to the people of Ghana, and there is a reason why the good people of Ghana elected this parliament. It is a hung parliament of 137-137, the independent who decided to do business with one side of the majority, there is no majority party in this House. This is a new beginning, where for the first time, a majority has walked out from its own business."

Minority Leader: Honorable Haruna Idrissu

"Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter."

Majority Leader: Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu

"The motion on the budget as far as we are concerned has not been pronounced on by Parliament. It is still standing in the name of the Minister for Finance and in the fullness of time a properly-constituted House, not one presided over by the Right Honorable Speaker, will make the decision."

"What happened [on Friday] involved a decision of the House and in that case it is not Article 102. It is Article 104. Motion moved by the Minister of Finance has not been lost, It still stands”

Honorable Okudzeto Ablakwa: MP North Tongu Constituency 

"There can be no greater honour than doing exactly what the people who sent you to Parliament expect of you. I am absolutely proud that we successfully killed the killer budget."

"Government’s only nationalistic option is to eat humble pie, and present another budget which must be a product of broad consultation with the Ghanaian people."

"That new 2022 Budget must certainly not contain the regressive and obnoxious E-levy and the Fees & Charges 15% hike and illegal automatic adjustment based on inflation. It must also expunge Agyapa and the dubious Aker narrative."

"A new budget which makes provision for Phase 2 of the Blekusu Coastal Protection Project to cater for the over 4,000 victims of recent destructive tidal waves. How can any budget worth its name fail to address such a major disaster?"

"A fresh budget that signals that government intends to immediately cut down on its profligate expenditure patterns as typified by the neglect of a functioning presidential jet in favour of ultra-luxury US$14,000-per-hour charters, and rather investing in the productive sectors of the economy."

"We shall continue to stand with the Ghanaian people—that is what parliamentary representation is about."

"That killer budget isn’t coming back; we burying it for good."

"We are grateful to all Ghanaians for the support and solidarity."

Honorable Sam George: MP Prampram Constituency 

"If you are confident of your own budget, how can you be running away from it? 4 hours and counting and the Majority are still not set in the Chamber."

"We as a Minority took a stand with the people of Ghana to reject a budget that had the obnoxious e-Levy, increased government fees and charges, Agyapa deal and funds for the Keta sea defence wall."

Honorable Kennedy Nyarko Osei

"Speaker was misled in relying on Article 102 for a decision of the house to be taken. Article 102 talks about quorum of the before the businesses of the house can be carried. Yes we did have the quorum at the commencement of business of the house which supposed to be 92 but we did not have more than half of all members of parliament present in the chamber for a decision to be taken which should have been 138 members. 

For a decision to be taken in the house Article 104(1) or Standing orders 109 are very clear and unambiguous on the procedure. Parliament will surely do the proper thing when next the house meet. What makes our parliament unique is that when we err we have the opportunity to correct it that’s why we are referred to us Masters of our own Rules. But we should pardon the speaker on this mistake because it was the duty of the Clerk at Table to advise him on some of this matters."

Kofi Bentil

"Voting must not require physical presence. If the member signs in and follows the debate electronically, recorded proxy and electronic voting must be allowed."

Manasseh Azure Awuni: Editor-In-Chief The Fourth Estate

"Paying the tax isn't the most painful part. How the tax is used is what causes real headache."

"The tax on mobile money has negated Dr. Bawumia's agenda. It will affect small businesses that depend on mobile money."

Awal Mohammed

"137 members of parliament can’t vote against the budget. The NDC and their partisan speaker engaged in an exercise in futility. Check out article 104(1) of the 1992 constitution."

Kofi Asare: Executive Director of Africa Education Watch

"Stakeholders receive a midnight email, meet with Finance the next morning at 8:30, a day before the budget, at a time the document had already been approved by the executive; and its called consultation? No one even knew of any e-tax. We must be serious in this country. We play too much! We can’t run an economy like an enterprise. Building consensus does not break a bone."

Selorm Adonoo: Citi TV/ Citi FM

"Osei Kyei didn't understand the moment. Ken did, hence his prayer to re-engage minority leadership. When a leader, no matter how good, neglects to grasp the moment, he fails his people! This Parliament was always going to be won by tact, compromise and engagement. Not the same 'strongman' style used in the previous. When the odds are against you, you change strategy. Osei Kyei failed the govt, despite his compelling closing remarks. Maybe it's time to rethink the front bench."

I hope you've been able to go through comments and reactions on all this important matter, what is your take on it too?

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