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They Can't Shut Down Ritualists Because They Go There For Power- Prophet Oduro

For the past weeks following the gruesome murder of the 10-year old Ishmael Mensah Abdallah and a few other cases of money rituals in the country, calls for the stiffer regulations and or closure of media channels which advertises money rituals, has dominated homes and public discourse. Adding his voice to this subject, the Founder and Leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro says our leaders are incapable of executing such sanctions because they are beneficiaries of the services of these witch doctors and ritualists.

According to him, some of our leaders mostly politicians resort to these ritualists while seeking for political power and for which reason had compromised their integrity and moral sense of seeking to rebuke them when things go wrong. Prophet Oduro argued that some of our leaders for whom we know to be God-fearing, also visit shrines and perform ungodly acts in the pursuit of power and wealth.

On this background, the Prophet stressed that such leaders are unhealthy of leading an agenda to cramp down on ritual money.

"The reason why most of you cannot rebuke these people is because you engage these people and you solicit their help when you are looking for power.

"They don't only come to church when they are looking for power, they also go to these people when they are looking for power. This is why you can't rebuke them,' he stated during today's ministration to the church.

Prophet Oduro continued with some heavy criticism against regulators of the Ghanaian media space, especially the National Communications Authority (NCA), National Media Commission (NMC), and the Ministry of Communication, for having failed in the discharge of their duties.

He remarked that the usual responses to such situations have been reactive and not proactive in anticipating and addressing any flaw in the system.

"You've been granting licenses to these witch doctors, ritualists and money doublers without doing any proper check on them, and yet deny churches who have a genuine request to utilize the platform to educate people," he emphasized.

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