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The secret behind Rwanda, Africa's 'new America'

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It's been ages now and the continent of Africa is still looking for a means to be firm and rid itself of external influence.

Regardless of our relentless struggles, there is one African country that has stood tall.

Rwanda is the country we're talking about here.

President Paul Kagame as we all know him as the sitting President of Rwanda, won a third term in office in the year 2017 with a massive vote of 98.63%.

He is said to be one of the first Africa leaders to set up a website with a presence of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and flicker.

The main rationale behind Rwanda development is that President Paul Kagame believes in information technology (IT).

On top of it, he received military training in Uganda, Tanzania and the US is seen as a brilliant military tactician.

Here are some of his ideologies toward the country's development:

1. He aims at providing internet access beyond the capital Kigali.

2. Putting 30% to 40% of government revenue into good use.

3. Providing good health services to all citizen by introducing quality-based health insurance.

4. Seeing to it that at least all the citizen get a basic school by making it free.

5. Providing quality electricity and tourism

6. Investing more in technology, internet inventions.

7. Agricultural export like coffee and tea.

The question most people wonder is that upon the slaughter that falls upon the country some years ago, still, they were about to move from a poor state to this level, indeed President Paul Kagame deserve a hand of applause.

God bless you.

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