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Ghanaians react after Roland shared a story on Dr. Ayine's double salary saga on Facebook (PHOTOS)

We are interesting times indeed as politics has become a top time commercial business, particularly on the African continent.

A school of thought may argue that these men and women spend so much money before getting into higher offices; hence, there is the need to also reap what they have sown at the beginning of their political career.

If they spend for instance Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis in campaign programs and activities, they would have to find ways and means to get at least four times that amount.

In constrast to the above, another school of thought can argue that leadership should be focused on service to humanity; hence leaders should not always expect things in return for executing their constitutional mandates and responsibilities.

With this mindset, they strive to also protect the public purse, prosecute corrupt individuals and make maximum utilization of the country's resources for the benefit of all.

A developmental activist can attest to the fact that absolute poverty, coupled with relative form of poverty are on the rise in this country amidst all the naturally endowed resources we can boast of.

It appears that we are moving around the four-court of the country, trying to provide solutions to the problems of the masses, but in reality, we are losing the war against poverty.

I think Nelson Mandela has made it so clear that: "Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, but an act of justice."

All we do is to get some curative measures, without focusing on a more proactive and developmental approach that will ultimately find a lasting and sustainable solution to this imperative problem.

On a more philosophical way, a young Ghanaian acivist advances it to a more justice-centered level: "Justice is the only powerful tool that brings lasting change in society. It provides a sustainable healing to evil done by people, and an effective antidote to bring society back to its normality."

Complementing this to what Mandela said, it is clearer that there are so many evil deeds done by Government officials in the country, and until justice is pursued and attained, people will continue to be poor in Ghana and Africa at large.

Meanwhile, the former Deputy Attorney General of Ghana, Dr. Dominic Ayine has boldly indicated that there is nothing wrong with payment of double salary in the country. According to him, it is not a criminal offense should the Government do that.

How far is he even right with what he opined?

I am not sure we can achieve justice in the country if we continue to make the top officials richer while the poor continue to be poorer.

After Roland Walker shared this story on his Facebook page, several Ghanaians have reacted to it, with divergent and clear opinions.

Below are some of their reactions:

How can we achieve justice in Ghana if people are paid double salary?

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