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Mahama's call for debate is not necessary and would have less impact (Opinion)

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Recently, the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama threw a challenge to the leader and and current president of Ghana for a debate on the review of delivery of their promises to the country. And this has sparked numerous reactions amongst the populace with some saying it is irrelevant and others saying it surely is the right thing to do.

A popular sentiment shared by many is that the debate is not necessary as the president would just come to state again the same things his deputy Mahamudu Bawumia had come to state in his recent lecture.

I believe the reason John Dramani Mahama is spear heading this initiative is obvious as he feels he has done a lot more than what Akufo-Addo has done in his term.

If we could cast our minds back, during Mahama's term in office, the country saw a lot of development when it comes to infrastructural projects. We saw the development of many buildings and facilities as well as lots of roads being constructed. But looking closely, the reaction from Ghanaians was that, though the government has done well, the country was still suffering and there was not enough money in the system.

What even made him more unpopular amongst the Ghanaian populace is the serious power outage situation that drove most businesses into bankruptcy. The outcry was unanimously resolved. Mahama had to go and it was clearly evident when the results for the 2016 elections saw Nana Addo win by a landslide of about a million votes.

Fast forward 2017, the new administration got to work on the numerous promises they had made Ghanaians. Some included but are not limited to Free SHS Initiative, restoration of the teachers' trainee and nurses allowances, 1 district 1 factory initiatives, etc.

The current government has done well in simple terms with the roll out of the Free SHS system which the past government had once said was not feasible. This execution saw the past government becoming more unpopular with Ghanaians with some saying they were going to stay in opposition for a long time because had they not squandered and embezzled money, they would have been able to do it.

There are other policies the current government has rolled out which has seen the country happy. Things may not be rosy but I believe Ghanaians know better when it comes to how both governments have fared almost for the past 8 years. The Ex President seeking to engage his counterpart in a peaceful banter is not only unnecessary but time wasting.

From my point of view, debating the current government would do less than changing the mindset of Ghanaians and might only deepen their resolution on who to lead the country in the next coming four years. It is not to downplay the achievements of both government but if it is to come and defend the projects and policies executed by both government, who is best to judge than the electorates who would throng in their numbers in queues to exercise their franchise.

All what these two governments have done so far is to show us what they have done and this has been continuous over the past years so what effects is having an official debate going to cause? I leave you to answer that.

Nana Addo boycotted GCB's call for debate just like John Mahama did with the IEA and yet still, the results was there regardless of how the past government had preached their achievements into the hearts of the country.

If each government outdoors their manifestos, it is to tell the electorates what they have done and what they will do. If that is the case, why do we still need an official discussion that is bound to spell out the same achievements and policies to be executed?

Now, the Communications Director of the NDC has said that they will by any means possible ensure that the debate takes place whether or not Nana Addo consents to it. That is to say they will even go to the Jubilee House if need be.

Well, we leave all these reactions to the Ghanaian populace to decide. We still hope it wouldn't come off but if it does, kudos to all participating members.

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