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Meet The 19year old hustler who has a strategic plan

Life is full of ups and downs but this hustler has managed to pull through with his strategic plans.

In this life hardly will you see such zeal from a young person. An shs graduate who has no clue of where to go to, if it hadn't been for free shs he would have ended up an illiterate on the streets.

After shs with the support and gifts from friends he has been able to establish his own business and now seeing through that his two bed room self-contain is been built.

When ask how he did it ,this is what he had to say " I don't roll with alot of friends, I do things that will favor me and take me off the streets and most importantly God's time is the best in everything you do so work hard and never give up. Let success be your hall mark"

Let's adopt the ways of the Hustler and make a living in Life. Life Be Time

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