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No President Can Better Ghana If This Is Canker Is Not Kicked Out Of Politics


Ghana apparently has become one of the many countries in this world whose development is not going on well. 

Since 1965, when Ghana gained independence, the state of the nation has not been the same in terms of infrastructural development, but it is estimated that the country should have succeeded in massive developments.

There is a canker in Ghanaian politics, that keeps on retarding the development of the country, but most Ghanaians have not taken a critical look at it. If this canker is not kicked out of Ghanaian politics, no President can better this country.

Other Countries

Ghana as a country owns a lot of resources such as gold, timber, and Cocoa, thus the country should have been independent in terms of need. Why would Ghana even go to the IMF for financial support at the expense of all these resources? 

This should tell us that there has been an element in our politics which keeps on retarding the growth of the Ghanaian economy, because most developed countries in the world would be privileged to have our resources.


This canker that has been troubling the growth of the Ghanaian economy is “Propaganda” in the Ghanaian political atmosphere.

Many people see “propaganda” as something that makes politics interesting, but it has succeeded in causing massive havoc in this country.

Ghanaian Propaganda

Apparently, the Ghanaian propaganda has been that the opposition should never be happy with any good performance from the ruling political party.

For instance, the National Democratic Congress, NDC and the New Patriotic Party, NPP have been criticizing themselves in the history of Ghanaian politics. The NDC will also say the NPP has not done anything better for this country, and the NPP too will say the same against the NDC.

Abandoned Projects

Following these criticisms among themselves, the ruling party failed to continue all projects of the opposition party, leaving then abandoned.

Projects such as hospitals to support human life, roads, schools and other infrastructures which are poised to facilitate development are left rotten in bushes, all in the name of political “propaganda”.


If we don’t do away with propaganda in our politics, governments will come and go, but the development of the country will remain the same without any improvement.

 It is therefore imperative that Ghanaians vote out “propaganda” from outside politics, and both ruling and opposition parties should team up to build a solid Ghana.

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