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Wire Mesh Fixed On Madina-Adenta Highway As Pedestrians Fail To Use Footbridge

Indiscipline is very expensive in this country, we keep blaming our leaders when in real sense we are the cause of the problems, very disgraceful and I wonder how could some citizens be so careless about his own life.

We were in this country when people rioted, burnt tyres for footbridges to be constructed, leading to the president to have chopped insult like he killed someone, now the bridge has been done yet same people are refusing to utilise it citing irrelevant excuses, saying they want shortcut.

The police and city officials started giving instant justice to pedestrians who were caught not using the footbridges, here again some session of Ghanaians tagged this as an infringement of right and maltreatment.

Because of "human rights", the authorities at Madina District Assembly have decided to forego meting out instant justice to pedestrians but rather fix wire mesh on the Madina-Adenta highway to prevent indiscriminate street crossing.

We have spent money to construct footbridge and we are spending another money to fence the middle of the road because citizens can't abide by simple rules and regulations, I personally have a problem with those who sometimes insult our leaders, simple instructions we can't obey it, we always create way for them to spend our tax money any how. I strongly believe this wasn't part of their budget, but those recalcitrant ones has forced them to spend and inflate the price for their benefits.These funds could have been channeled to other pressing needs of the Assembly.

For now this is perfect, its either you use the bridge now or you stand there forever and this time around, I don't think any apostles of human rights can rescue any recalcitrant pedestrian caught trying to be defiant.

The contractors too, should have known this earlier to have avoided embarrassment but instead they waited for it to make headlines in news before they knew what they were supposed to do, Ghana have a long way to go.

They shouldn't forget to electrify the wire mesh and switch it on every evening, seems the scrap truck dealers are also waiting patiently for sometime and will come at dawn cut them, go and sell. What kind of society is this where street bulbs to give us lights are stolen to sell.

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