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Ghana’s Problem Is Lack Of Leadership-Agya Kwabena Bemoans After Comparing Ghana To Dubai

Host of Critical Issues on United Television, Agya Kwabena, has opined that Ghana in his opinion does not have leadership.

Agya Kwabena made this suggestion today, December 4, 2021 during the editorial segment of the show.

Comparatively, Ghana is 64 years and the United Arab Emirates is 50 years but the latter has experienced a significant amount of growth and development to the admiration of the world.

In just 50 years, the United Arab Emirates has almost become the center of world tourism with millions of tourists visiting the country annually.

Apart from the fact that the discovery of oil has expedited the country’s development, leadership of the country has been able to shift the focus from depending on oil revenue to tourism and thousands of young men and women from Africa migrate to the Middle East country in search of greener pastures.

Healthcare, road networks, education and all other sectors have had massive improvements and attained the state of the art status.

Expressing his views further, Agya Kwabena reiterated that Ghana’s major problem has been the failure of leadership over the years and even after 64 years, the country is still lacking behind in many aspects.

” Ghana had independence a long time ago but we are still struggling. What is more painful is the fact that Dubai have only oil. They do not have water bodies, vegetations, fertile lands and mineral resources like Ghana has. They do not have gold mines but you can find most of the world’s refined gold there. They have the most beautiful airport in the world and flights from all over the world makes a landing there. They have leadership with vision who think about the people first before their pockets. If upon all the resources we have as a country we still have bad roads in Accra, then we have a very serious leadership problem. Good leaders do not talk but they act and they think about the people first. Leadership failure is Ghana’s problem. We do not have leadership in my opinion” he said.

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