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Manasseh Azure Slammed On Facebook For His Critique on Mahama's Do or Die Comment: Check Reactions

The popular journalist and writer has received backlashes from certain Facebook users who think that his opinions on the "do or die" comment of the former president are not welcomed.

The award winning journalist did a write-up addressing the comment of the former president. He has chided the former president on the grounds that he is a communication expert and should therefore be aware that his "do or die" comment cannot be taken as an idiomatic expression by the fanatical average Ghanaian citizen.

However, certain facebook users seem to have a problem with the perception of the popular journalist. Take a critical look at some of their reactions to the post that he has posted on his Facebook page.

Although this facebook user by the name Dzebu has agreed that some of the opinions of Manasseh Azure might be true, he has kindly asked him to keep his opinions to himself.

Yakubu was quick to remind Manasseh Azure on how he has ever accused John Mahama of taking a bribe. He has also slammed the words of the journalist, asking him to keep his opinions to himself.

In the comments above, none of the Facebook users that reacted seem to disagree with Manasseh Azure, but for Paul Soter who has congratulated him on the write-up, stating that it has been brilliantly written. He has also asked for blessings on him. This shows that even though majority have disagreed with Manasseh Azure on his Facebook page as at the time of this writing, other Ghanaian citizens have embraced his idea.

Gabriel and Bawa are two other Facebook's users that we can say have sided with the article published by the popular journalist, but Bawa was quick to add that although his words are genuine, they would not yield results.

Nashville, another facebook user boldly declared that it would definitely be "do or die" in 2024.

In regard to the comments of the majority on Manasseh Azure's post, how do you think the 2024 elections would be?



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