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You Didn’t Do Your Jobs; So, You have To Be Kicked-out – Kelvin Taylor

The vociferous and out-spoken Ghanaian journalist, Kelvin Taylor has blasted the Foreign Minister, Health Minister and the National Security for their responses at the vetting committee for the 150 dollars covid-19 testing charged at the airport. He said that, they didn’t do their jobs well and thus, must be kicked out.

Kelvin Taylor made this statement on his program ‘With All Due Respect’ as a reaction to the responses given by these three ministers when they were asked about the 150 dollars charged as covid-19 testing fees at the airport.

According to him, the Health Minister said he doesn’t know, the National Security Minister said doesn’t know, and the Foreign Affairs Minister also said doesn’t know too. So, who was taking the covi-19 testing money at the airport? And they are going to pass these same people to become ministers again, and we will give them ex-gratia, V8 and per diem etc. 

“it is clear, we are having rising cases of covid-19 from the airport, who was in charge of that? You did not do your job; you have to be kicked out; it is as simple as that. If we cannot find the people who did not do their jobs to fire them, then where are we going? Because we keep recycling the same criminals. She did not do her job, he did not his job, they are back again. We talk, smile and laugh and give them the same thing to do again and then we are stuck as a nation.” – He stated angrily

He revealed that, we are stuck as a nation and it will remain so for a long time because we’ve been practicing this same kind of criminality by vetting and allowing criminals to continue doing their shoddy works.

He stated that, they are humbling themselves before the vetting committee just for approvals, but they are all greedy. They didn’t do their jobs and must be fired so that people who are competent can come and take over from them. They did not deliver in the four years given them, so why should we give them another nod?

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