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News commentary : Corruption fight, a lost battle

Corruption has been central to every general election lost and won in the country over the last 29 years.

Political leaders have manipulated the emotions of voters to ride to power.

Once they succeed in lying their way to the top, it’s all stealing - grab as much as you can.

Moral integrity, values, ethics, principles and respectable standards no longer hold any attraction.

Nobody really seems interested to fight head-on with that sense of purpose, focus and passion the canker eating up our society.

It is against this background that the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) was seen and justifiably so, by many a Ghanaian as inflexion point in the fight to rein in the out-of control corruption.

Expectations were very high. There was optimism that the end-game was near for the stealing gangs.

Sadly, this was not to be. The OSP is in a paralysis. It has become another wasteful addition to the impotent anti corruption state institutions.

It is heartbreaking the insanity - the dreadful heights corruption has reached in the country.

Corruption is visible everywhere - from the shameless police officers pretending to be doing road checks, blackmailing journalists, religious leaders taking advantage of the sense of insecurity of their followers to swindle them to chiefs grabbing and selling lands they hold in trust of people in their communities to succeed their ostentatious lifestyle.

So sickening is the situation that assembly members in parts of the country are asking to be paid between GHS8,000.00 and GHS10,000.00 per head for confirmation of people nominated to serve in positions of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executive.

Naturally, we should expect these nominees to move quickly to recoup whatever amount of money spent on their confirmation and they are going to do this by inflating contract sums and procurement breaches.

Amid all these, the excuses people vested with the coercive powers of state keep giving is “provide us with the evidence “.

Isn’t it baffling why those controlling our resources should be finding it difficult to follow leads on corruption no matter how weak they may seem to be.

One may ask when and where is this going to end. Our leaders just do not know how to lead any longer.

Content created and supplied by: KyeretwienanaOseiBonsu (via Opera News )

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