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History- Exactly 55 Years Ago, The Bright Destiny Of Ghana Was Reversed By These Enemies Of Progress

Exactly 55 years ago, these men christened the national liberation Council, some of which were trusted by the president staged a coup to overthrow the legitimate government ostensibly to get rid of the President who was deemed as corrupt and autocratic.

The president was on his way to Hanoi, Vietnam when news reached him that he had been ousted in a coup d'etat. The council which consisted of military and police hierarchy were believed to have been financed by an international agency.

The aspirations of the coup leaders to fight corruption and initiate democratic process that will ensure that elections were held in the country never saw the light of day as they themselves indulged in acts of corruption reversing the progress of the nation.

After 55 years, Ghana is indebted to the tune of $50.2 billion according to Bank of Ghana information and that makes every Ghanaian owe an amount of $1,696. The factories of Nkrumah were abandoned, the acquired machines were left to rot and the destiny of the country was reversed.

Shame on the perpetrators who have reversed the development of Ghana.

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