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The Most Dangerous Suitcase In The World Is The Suitcase That Accompanies American Presidents

The Nuclear Football is the world's most dangerous case. This is an exhibition from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History some years ago.

Secrets of Secrets

Trump will reveal how the US government conducts covert operations and where drones are used and how the NSA uses instruments to wake up any kind of global communication, which electronic battles are being fought in the information infrastructure against US enemies.

He will learn the CIA's covert operations to change the course of events abroad, without the hand of the United States being visible.

If he wanted, Trump could recognize the names of dozens of CIA-paid agents outside the United States, as well as wiretapping techniques.


The last and most important meeting for the security of the country and the whole world belongs to the nuclear arsenal of the United States and plans for a possible nuclear war.

There are currently dozens of such surgeries, some of which allow the development of counterterrorism operations - even with wik.tima in several different countries. Then there are the administrative issues: the president will be briefed on the dissident groups overseas supported by the US government who are fighting against dictators and terrorists.

The suitcase (right) has been in use since the days of Dwight D. Eisenhower (president 1953-1961), but only by the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), under President John F. Kennedy, she follows. president everywhere.

In fact, only the president is authorized to order the use of nuclear weapons. The consensus comes after the activation of special codes and according to the rules of the suitcase called "Football". It is the famous black leather suitcase that follows the president with every movement and is guarded by a team of 5 members from different units of the US Army. The nuclear suitcase is transported by an official who is perfectly familiar with the procedure to be followed in the event of an atomic su.lmi.

If you think there is a red button inside to launch nuclear missiles, you are deeply wrong. The suitcase mainly contains letters.

The red button? Don't laugh at us

The contents of the suitcase became known in 1980 by Bill Guley, then director of the White House military office.

The suitcase weighs 20 kg (has an aluminum base) and is carried by soldiers who have special training to help the president give the order to launch the missiles. It also contains a phone used when the president is traveling: it helps to make contact via a secure satellite line with the National Military Command Center (NMCC), a US military center that manages and releases all nuclear weapons.

The most important document is the Black Book, a genuine 75-page atomic warfare manual, with a description of each possible target, strategic values ​​under different scenarios, and the casualties that a possible su.lm could cause. In most cases, millions of people. Two other files contain a list of safe places the President can be transferred to in the event of a nuclear war and radio and television emergency procedures for speaking to the Nation.

Here is what it contains and how it can bring about the end of the world.

It's called "Nuclear Football" and it's the most dangerous suitcase in the world. This photo is a version from a few years ago on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. codes

From a practical point of view, the "sul.mi codes" appear in a document which the president must keep with him and which is called Biscuit, biscuits. The nuclear suitcase that still follows the President of the United States of America is the most powerful weapon of all time.

Is the US most advanced country in technology? let's hear your own opinion too

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