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Just In: Kennedy Agyapong Reveals Why He Wants To Become President Of Ghana.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, says in an interview that he is very serious about running for president and not just joking. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, says in an interview that he is very serious about running for president and not just joking. He said he is motivated by his grassroots experience and as a successful business mogul. He continues, looking to continue the prosperity that he has experienced in Ghana.

"I'm not excessively close to home, but I'm subject to things I do. anyway, they [people] furthermore decipher certainty to be arrogance," he said. Be that as it may, he said, "I concur I'm excessively personal, but I'm going to not correction completely because of I might want to be president."My agreement can perpetually be certifiable, and my no can everlastingly be no, all together that we will push this nation ahead. on account of intense subject matters, a few frameworks region units unfit to figure during this nation [Ghana]," he added."I concur I'm excessively close to home, but I'm working at it. I settle for it, one and all let me know that, and I'm working at it. It shows it's a drag, everybody lets me know that and I'm working at it.

"Each lawmaker tries to be at the peak, extreme, so misjudge no government official. So I have broken down the circumstance and acknowledged it is currently my time [to run for president]."I was standing by without complaining for President Akufo-Addo to convey [and then I will come in]. If NPP has any desire to break the 8 [that is be in power for over 8 years continuous], they ought to allow me [Agyapong] the opportunity and I will convey it. I have the potential," he said."I need to be president because following eight years everywhere, incumbency exhaustion sets in and electors become weary of the organization. I can save the party [NPP] and break the 8."

He said by the end of 2024, he would have burned through 24 years in Parliament, and consequently somebody's requirements to go on after him in Parliament at Assin Central supporters, he won't campaign for office as a Parliamentarian once more. He said regardless of whether he runs in the official race, he will in any case not campaign for office in parliament once more. Addressing one of the areas he will zero in on as President, he said all Ghanaian pioneers stand out in the travel industry area and that will be one of his fundamental concentrations as President. He marked himself as a man with a "Ph.D." - positive energy, trustworthiness, and discipline - and said that is his motto even though he has others like realism and meritocracy yet he won't add those since it will make it excessively lengthy. Notwithstanding his concentration as President will be a National Service for all alumni in the military. He addressed how he will move toward the one region one production line strategy and refine the planting for food and occupations, which he said in its ongoing structure won't work.

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