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"We're finding it so hard to buy Waakye while leaders are buying V8" Placard won my heart - Kpebu

While Government is very assertive and clear on its vision that it is on its course of fixing the Ghanaian economy, many young people in the country, and those elsewhere think otherwise. They are of strong belief that the ruling Government is taking them for granted, and if care is not taken, all their dreams and aspirations will be washed away by the storms created by 'Aban Tantan'.

As confidently asserted by many opinion leaders, activists, advocates and concerned professionals across the length and breadth of this country, the August 4, 2021 demonstration was very timely and relevant. The organizers and convenors need to be always commended for taking this bold step to redeem mother Ghana from the hands of these 'blood sucking agents".

They are mostly tagged as such because all they know how to do best is to steal from the poor, and give some peanuts to the very poor, just to lure them and grab their priceless votes in subsequent elections.

I think the masses should now have a clear understanding of what President Akufo-Addo said during the New Patriotic Party's 29th Anniversary. "I am confident that an NPP candidate will win the next election," he boldly declared.

Right now, most of them are not really thinking about how best they can fix the country, so that the lives of ordinary citizens will be improved, but rather thinking so deeply about how to win the next election.

Just have a look at the working conditions of University Lecturers and Lecturers, coupled with Secondary and Basic Schools Teachers. These able men do a lot of sacrifice just to develop and train our human resources, but unfortunately, they are mostly taken for granted. It will surprise you that a Ghanaian University Professor receives GH¢5,000 per month; an amount a lawyer can receive in just two hours on phone.

Not only that, all the big promises he made to our health professionals have not been fulfilled. Very soon, they will also put down their tools and equipment, and join the Lecturers and Professors in the strike action.

Meanwhile, politicians continue to enjoy so much from Article 71, and other laws enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. That is why some people are asserting that the 1992 Constitution is the most corrupt document Ghana has ever had. It does not show any fairness in our wage distribution, and standard of living in particular. It makes politicians, who are supposed to serve the masses richer while the electorates become poorer.

A Ghanaian Private Legal Practitioner and Execute Director of Human Rights and Governance Centre, Martin Kpebu, does not understand why most politicans nowadays are buying V8. He hinted on the surprising number of V8 owned by politicans in the Greater-Accra Region alone.

He boldly declared that the Demonstrators did a very great job, by tabling their plights and deepest concerns to the Government, for immediate redress.

"We're trying to find it so hard to buy Waakye while leaders are buying V8 Placard", according to him, won his heart. He made this submission during Joy News' News File Show on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

These young men and women are just aiming food to eat, place to lay down their heads, clean and portable water to drink, and a decent job, but politicans are denying them all these basic necessities, by stealing so much from the public purse to enrich themselves, families and friends.

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Kpebu Waakye


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