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Mahama Haruna Of Nkilgi FM Warns Mr Issah The Savannah Regional Communication Officer Of The NPP

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So this arrogant boy calling himself NPP Communication Officer for the Savannah Region will not stop fighting Bole based Nkilgi FM? Is he not tired of fighting the Best Radio station in the Savannah Region for after starting two years ago?

To write and say "fake NDC Portal like Nkilgi FM" is an insult to a respected institution like the Ghana Journalist Association that adjudged Nkilgi FM the Best Radio station in the Savannah Region.

Is Issah Mohammed aware Nkilgi Fm's website has been recognised by GhanaWeb as a partner for two years now and has been publishimg our stories? Yes our website has been added to partners that GhanaWeb can pick daily stories from and Northern Ghana has only two other websites with this status, one in Northern Region and one in the Upper East Region.

Ghanaweb is undoubtedly the most popular news website on Ghana and publishing stories of Nkilgi Fm's website means we are one of the media houses that churn out good news for Ghana and the world.

Issah Mohammed's hatred for Nkilgi FM and is well known. Many NPP members have told us they don't know why Issah Mohammed has targeted Nkilgi FM since he was appointed as the Communication Officer of their party for the Savannah Region.

Issah Mohammed started his uncouth behaviour by attacking Nkilgi Fm's reporter for Damongo Zion Abdul- Rauf in June, 2019 for no crime except following the Savannah Regional Minister to a programme that Nkilgi FM was invited.

Issah Mohammed's nefarious activities with the aim of weakening Nkilgi FM are known but he has failed.

A Communication officer of a political party is supposed to court friendship with the media but this is someone who calls himself a Communication officer but has decided to fight a popular Radio station in the Savannah Region for no reason. He doesn't even know that the more he aattacks Nkilgi FM the more the Radio station gain relevance and prominence because we are seen as standing up to political bullying. This was one of the reasons cited for adjudging us the Best Radio station in the Savannah Region.

Issah Mohammed should continue doing free publicity for Nkilgi FM.

Anyway I'm glad most leading members of NPP in the Savannah Region including some Regional Executives now know Issah Mohammed is on a personal vendetta against Nkilgi FM for two years now but has not succeeded in doing anything to the Radio station.

I'm aware of Issah Mohammed's running battles with the Savannah Regional Minister because he has refused to blacklist Nkilgi FM at the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council.

What is our crime at all?

Someone should tell Issah Mohammed that he is fighting a losing battle. Who does he know in NPP? Where was he when some of us were attending NPP Congresses as far back as 1992 even as teenagers. Most of his colleagues are fighting for appointments and instead of Issah Mohammed to also fight for some DCE position even though he is not qualified because of of his uncouth behaviour and arrogance, he keeps fighting a Radio station and its Manager.

One thing I can assure Issah Mohammed is that the General Manager of Nkilgi FM Mahama Haruna is hard nut to crack. I'm not a coward!

Mahama Haruna and Nkilgi FM will never pander to the whims and caprices of politicians like he Issah Mohammed and that is our trump card.

I'm not one of the Radio station Managers Issah Mohammed will take a phone and call and direct as to which news item to carry and which one not to carry. In fact he is too small to direct me what to do!

Yes Nkilgi FM has gained a huge and loyal audience across the Western part of the now Savannah Region because of our good programmes and because we report all news without fear or favour. We have shone a spotlight on the people and stories that would otherwise have remained in the dark. And we have always done so with responsibility and integrity.

The people of our catchment area, that is, Bole, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba and parts of the West Gonja, North Gonja, Central Gonja, Wa West (UW/R) and Banda (Bono) Districts are loyal to the Nkilgi FM brand because of our continuous commitment to good Radio broadcasting; our dedication to covering their stories; and our determination to tell stories the way they are.

In the four years of a our broadcast, we have remained resolute in our commitment to finding and covering stories. We have given a voice to the voiceless.

The information we provide is a lifeline to hundreds of people who want to know what is really going on around them in our part of the world.

The popularity of Nkilgi FM continue to soar nationally with the constant flow of unbias news from the Savannah Region.

We are entering a new year (2021) and Nkilgi FM will continue to do our work without fear or favour.

We will fight back if Issah Mohammed continue to fight us!

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