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Minister Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries apologizes for lying over 'resurrection'

Minister Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries who is said to have revived a dead man set in a final resting place throughout the end of the week, has said he laments the episode as the man was at that point alive when he showed up at the congregation. 

Addressing Gauteng supporter Power FM's Power Drive have Thabiso Tema on Wednesday evening, Lukau said he was occupied with a lesson on Sunday when he was hindered and informed that an individual in a final resting place had been brought to the congregation. 

"Prior to entering the premises of the congregation, the final resting place started to shake, which means the individual was alive," Lukau clarified. "I am extremely upset for the distortion of realities, the man was not dead and has never been in the funeral home as we prior said", 

When asked by the host for what good reason the man had been brought to the congregation in any case, Lukau stated: "I don't know whether I can say something that he was brought to me. We are the place of God and I'm only a minister serving in the place of the Lord. In any case, I am heartbroken that we didnLukau said the man was brought to the congregation by his family, who accepted that something would occur in the event that he was appealed to God for. 

He included that further inquiries regarding why the man was brought to the congregation would be better replied by the man's family. 

"I imagine that they carried the individual to chapel since they accepted that God had the capacity to restore the individual. yet at the same time our sibling was a live even before brought to chapel and we truly apologize for not coming clean in any case," Lukau said. 

't come clean with individuals in any case", he said.

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