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December 2020 Polls: 10 Reasons why Ghanaians should not make attempts to vote for NDC!

Understanding the minds of political leaders and their plans for electorates is a key step to decide which leader an electorate should invest his or her political right in. Although it is a core duty of every citizen who is eighteen years and above to actively participate in every electoral process in the country, it is also highly imperative for us to an extensive assessment and evaluative analysis of every political party and leader before casting our votes.

We must however, all understand that whether it is NDC, NPP or XYZ political party; they all do not care about us in any way. They are just playing with our minds, and sucking our blood to fulfill their political ambitions and personal aggrandizement. Although we do not have any choice than to invest in a particular political party in December 7, 2020, there is one party (NDC) we must never think or dream of giving the political crown to.

Here are the reasons:

1. They are likely to replace free SHS education with sophisticated and expensive educational system to disenfranchise the underprivileged and worsen the future of our children when given the mandate to govern Ghana.

2. They are likely to cancel the teacher trainee and nursing trainee allowances.

3. They likely to discontinue and abandon the One Constituency One Factory, Planting for Food and Jobs Projects initiated by the NPP government.

4. Dumsor will possibly come back, hit the nation severely and disrupt the smooth running of industries, and other significant areas of work.

5. More spectators will be given the mandate through ministerial and local positions to run the country, rather than servant and patriotic leaders/citizens.

6. Their mission to downsize their governance system implies that few positions will be given to,and handled by people they may possibly know so that they can take chances to channel our monies into their accounts and ignore promises they claim to be fulfilling.

7. From the look of things, it appears that the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings even trusts the NPP government, especially, their leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo than his own party's flagbearer, Mr. John Dramani Mahama.

8. More economic hardship is likely to hit people of Ghana, especially the vulnerable when given the power to rule the nation.

9. A free thing from a Mum is better than a free thing from a Mum's rival; a very deep wise saying by some residents of Takoradi.

10. Mahama is regarded as the 'Chief of all lies' due to his inconsistent position on the free Senior High School policy implemented by the NPP government. These are some of the comments Mr. Mahama made on the free SHS policy: 'NPP's free SHS will hit a snag'; Don't be fooled by NPP's free SHS; Free SHS will collapse Ghana's education system; free SHS is bogus, confirmed by Meanwhile, Mr. Mahama also made a comment that he brought the free SHS policy. He has additionally said that no one can abolish free SHS policy in Ghana. These inconsistencies in his decision and position on the said policy make people wonder if he will really fulfill the promises he has made when given the mandate to govern Ghana.

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