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House Got Burnt Because of Dumsor - Ghanaians Should Note This

By now I guess it is no news now. We have power outages in this country. The intermittent supply of power has been attributed to several reasons which many regards as lame.

However, the challenge still exists and Ghanaians should be very careful out there. Just last week Monday, before the cock could crow and the sunrise, a particular house around Atimatim main town was caught up in fire.

The incidence was too severe and nobody saw it coming. The house was left under the care of three adolescents and they were having fun on television. Shortly, the light went off and they refused to switch off the plug of the fridge and that of the television.

You know, when power arrives, it comes with high voltage and if your appliances are not guided, you stand the risk of catching fire. The light came in the middle of the night and the high voltage sparked the fire, progressing from the living room. The children were asleep in the bedroom and before the youngsters could say jack, their house was in flames and they were getting rescued by neighbours.

The mother is NABCO personnel with little to live from. This matter got me very sad. The children’s schoolmistress led in collecting money and clothes for the children. NABCO personnel in the district also contributed to helping their colleague.

But the question is, would it suffice?

She lost many valuable items thanks to Dumsor. This challenge that our leaders have problems with addressing is very irritating and exasperating. Ghanaians should, however, note to switch off all plugs before retiring into bed and when leaving the house.

So, had Dr Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah not build the Akosombo Dam for Ghana, we would still be living under no light anaa?

As I always say, we have over 5 ways of generating electricity. Our leaders should get smart.

We are in the 21st century. Please!

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