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Is The President Addressing The Nation Tonight?

The new variance of the COVID-19 since it rose have claim so many lives and has make many victims of it. As it stands now, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 83,212 with 599 deaths and 77,133 recoveries. 139 schools across the country has recorded cases of COVID-19 since it was reopen by the president.

On the 23rd address of the President to the Nation, he made it clear that Vaccines for the Global pandemic COVID-19 will be available in the country latest by March. Hopefully, the Vaccines are in the country and it's expected to be given to Government officials, Frontline Workers and persons above 60yrs which will start on the 2nd day of March.

As many people wished, the President will decide today how closure of schools and lockdown saga will be like. With the vaccines being in the country and is ready for distribution, the President may not even mention or say something about the closure of schools and the lockdown many citizens wants.

What are your expectations from the president? Do you think he will close down schools again? Will he lockdown the country and are you going to make yourself available for the vaccine. Let's hear from you by typing in the comment box below and follow up for gist.

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