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I'm A Christian, My Husband Is A Reverend And My Son Is A Christian- Mother Of A Transgender Speaks

The proposed Anti LGBTQ Bill that was drafted by Honourable Sam George and the other seven legislatures has for a fact brought up a lot of controversies in the country and even beyond. Currently, there is this viral video of a mother of a popular Transgender and musician Angel Maxine angrily raising insult s on the law makers who proposed the Anti LGBTQ Bill.

Angel Maxine and her mother

The woman in the video is a Ghanaian but stays outside the country with the son who has now transformed into a girl or woman (Transgender).

The woman who was seen in this viral video firing Ghanaians who supports the bill went very hard on these people and even questioned Ghanaians if they truly know how painful it is to give birth, for them to hate people for who they are.

In this viral video, the woman started by revealing that, getting pregnant for a period of 9 months and finally giving birth to a son or daughter is not a sin. For her she went through all this 9 months period to give but to a son and truly she wanted a son but Immediately the child came out, the midwife said she is a girl because he looks like a girl even though he was a boy.

One thing that is worthy to be heard by everyone is when she revealed that, she is a very dedicated Christian, her Son now a daughter is also a Christian and her husband is a Reverend pastor ( a man of God). On this same revelation, she made it known to Ghanaians that, they claim they are Christians but they despise others and that is the main reason why the country is not progressing.

Hon Sam George

She further on said as Christians they are supposed to love others for who they are and not to hate them for how they were created.she even went ahead to insult honourable Sam George for the part he is playing in ensuring that the Anti LGBTQ Bill is passed into a law.

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