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Article: Human Rights Abuse, Still Worthy to Talk About In the Twenty-First (21st) Century! (PART 1)

Many people all over the world are in constant abuse in their every day life but may not even be conscious about it due to ignorance. 

It is based on this that I want to share with you my followers and readers a little information on Human Rights and how they get abused as well as how to protect these rights.

It is going to be in two parts and the first part which is what you are reading is to deal with the concept of Human Rights, the most vulnerable people to be abused and how some abuse of rights occur.

I hope you enjoy the read and share for others to also read. Thank you. 


Rights are the freedoms and advantages that everyone enjoys under the constitution, hence human rights abuse will be the infrigment on the rights and freedoms of the individual ie preventing others from enjoying their rights and freedoms that the constitution has given them as a citizens.

Most Vulnerable Groups to Face Human Rights Abuse:

These categories of persons suffer most human right abuse according to a United Nations report. They include; women, children, the illiterates, those in conflict areas and sometimes, foreigners.

How some human right abuse occurs in most societies:

First, Child Trafficking and Child Labour.

The practice of taking children from their parents to put them into common carriers ( kayayo) and other jobs elsewhere. Also employing children who are under 15 years in income generating activities eg. selling ice water, rubber bags just to help themselves and their families instead of being in school .

Secondly, Bullying and Child Abuse. 

Most students are treated badly in schools by their seniors.Threating or molesting weaker ones or poor is also human right infirigment. Some Teachers, Policemen and Soldiers use their position to mal-treat others in the society. Abusing a child means the cruel or bad treatment of children such as beating, insulting etc.

Lastly, Stigmatization and Discrimination.

Stigmatization includes but not limited to the loss of affection and respect for people having very serious sicknesses such as HIV/AIDS, COVID 19, etc. Discrimination is also a form of human right abuse eg. Discriminating because of gender race, colour ie complexion,physical disabilities and also religion.

This brings us to the end of the first part of this educative article. 

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