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Influential Prof. Kwaku Azar, Takes This Fight On, Will You As A Citizen Join In? DETAILS

In a Facebook post by Prof. Kwaku Azar, has indicated that:

"We have embarked on a solemn journey to allow Ghanafuo, no matter their other citizenship affiliations, to participate freely and equally in the political space. Our destination is to repeal Articles 94(2)(a) and 8(2) as well as other statutory restrictions imposed on Ghanafuo merely for holding other citizenships.

We do not ask that these Ghanafuo be given any entitlements, favors, appointments or dispensations. We merely ask that they be treated equally. The chart below depicts our path to amending the Constitution. Both Articles 94(2)(a) and 8(2) are not entrenched and can be amended with at least two thirds (183 votes) of all the members of Parliament.

Amending the impugned statutes follows a slightly different path and only requires a simple majority (138 votes) of the votes in Parliament. We have proposed and we have Gazetted. We are grateful to Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei for agreeing to sponsor the bill and to the Speaker, the 2nd Deputy Speaker, many MPs, from both sides, chairman and other members of the Council of State, who opened their doors to us and granted us a fair hearing.

The journey now shifts to broader stakeholders’ consultations and public engagements. We will need all hands on deck to reach our destination and accordingly we invite all stakeholders to join us on our journey. We would be happy to engage with all citizens, including the church, stool, skins, schools, family, and call on Ghanafuo who seek any clarifications to reach us with any questions.

We appeal to the media to help us lay out the issues in a clear fashion and to help in our outreach. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno! #SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament. Da Yie,!" he wrote.

Comments following his post, have included the following:

Awuku Goldman Dodzi writes "It must be repealed because if we are promoting ROPAL which will allow Ghanaians outside to vote, I don't see the reason why same people can't hold public office."

Elvis Kumordzie writes "In a 5th Republic, when I am President, all this hassle will not be necessary. Every Ghanaian shall be deemed equal. The real litmus test will be when, Parliament is permanently located in Tumu Secondary School, and MPs are mandated to get to Tumu, by public transport, eat the same food the students eat, sleep in their dorms and beds, and use their toilets."

Mohammed Baba Salifu Alhassan writes "It's great beginning prof ,we will surely get there, gradually"

Mutala Gomda Pisco writes "I am in full support of this noble gesture. Its absolutely absurd, how can I invest in the country, with the resources I accumulate from else where, but can't hold a position in my own country because, I hold another citizenship from the country that helped me to get all those resources am investing in Ghana?"

Smart Brown writes "Please Prof., clarify: you state that "Amending the impugned statutes follows a slightly different path and only requires a simple majority (138 votes) of the votes in Parliament". Yet you say, on the 'road-map chart' that 183 (2/3) votes are required. which is which?"

Marcus Jake writes "Will this allow dual citizens to vote as well? If not why?"

Catherine Michelle writes "Great job! After those of us who are dual nationals by blood have also been in limbo."

Kwasi Kwarteng writes "I am interested in this course. I personally feel Adamu Sakande was humiliated and pushed to death, by his own nation. I will avail myself for any form of support, so far as this course is concerned. We appreciate your courage and steps in matters like this."

Amos Affedzie writes "Thanks to the Hon. MP Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei for agreeing to sponsor it."

Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei is the "sponsoring the Legislative Bill"

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