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You casted a vote exactly a year ago, have you ever regretted for making that choice?

Democracy is one thing that has help many States across the world. Indeed it has really help in keeping governments accountable. Ghana I can say is one of the country that has benefitted mostly from democracy and it's still helping us in some ways. Let's have time and read this article and analyse some of the good things and the bad things this government has done since they were given the chance to manage the affairs of the country a year ago. Like, share, comment and follow up for more interesting updates.

There's is a tenure of office for every democratic government across the world. It doesn't matter how good or bad you will perform in office but when that tenure is due, it's either you will be chosen again by citizens of the country or kicked out of office by the same citizens. Exactly a year ago, Ghanaians reserved their time and energy to join a queue to vote and elect their trusted leader. After the election Ghanaians noted that this is one election that has claimed lives of people. The EC and other international organizations too noted that this is one of the most peaceful election the country has ever had. At the end of the election, the ruling party, New Patriotic Party was mandated by Ghanaians and later by the Supreme Court to continue managing the affairs of the country.

It's been a year now since we joined the queue to vote for this government and a lot of good and bad things have happened since the president was sworn in. The government is working hard at the health sector to secure a good healthcare for the country. So far, agenda 111 have been initiated and improvements have been seen also. The education sector and some other sectors. Aside all these things, the Government has been taxing the people of Ghana. It seems anytime the Finance Minister will read budget, a new tax will be imposed. Aside taxing, this government has been described as the one who has borrowed more in this republic.

Seeing all the things the government has been doing, have you ever regret for giving them your thumb? Drop your views in the comment section beneath and follow up for more.

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