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Check out how Nana Addo sense of fashion portrays the true "Ghanaian cultural identity".

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What systematically identifies us as a nation from others is our unique culture. This is our general way of life embodying our dressing, food, greetings and language. The whole country believes in local dresses as a symbol of our unique culture and identity.

Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo is indeed a man of his words. The first gentleman of the land has mounted several platforms both locally and internationally dressed in wears that portray the true identity of the Ghanaian culture. The local kente clothes and GTP Veritable wax designed with our local symbols are part and parcel of the Ghanaian as well as the African culture. We must honour the president for that consistent gesture. This has become necessary against the backdrop of the NPP government campaigns on patronising of made in Ghana products.

The sense of fashion of the president is purely Ghanaian and African. The great man believes in clothing styles that defines our motherland. When he had audience with Shatta Wale and Bhim nation hit singer, Stone Bwoy he displayed African rich cultural identity by dressing in

a local fashion to encourage these local artists to lift the face of Africa.

The president in his several national addresses on Covid-19 updates put on clothes with local cultural symbols to signify solidarity and Ghanaian unity of applying concerted effort to fight the pandemic. This is a good sign of a leader who believes in the ideas of his people and remember his roots.

Ghanaian cultural identity defines us one people with common destiny. If the leader of this country who preaches about consuming made in Ghana goods is using them, what prevents the ordinary Ghanaian from following suit. The local textile industry will see booming productivity in the years ahead.

The outstanding effect of the president action will lead to a total transformation in the local textile manufacturing industry as well as the Kente Weaving industry at Bonwire. Jobs will be created and the economy will see great growth and development. The people will reap the benefits of hardwork.

The president action will also inspire foreign nationals to develop a strong taste and fashion for our local cloths and demand for export will be very high to create foreign exchange earnings for the country.

Even if we are able to develop a strong preference for our local cloths, all the money spent on importing foreign substitutes will remain in the country to enrich the local entrepreneurs.

One important aspect is that, Ghana Kente cloth is very beautiful and could earn great international reputation on the world market if the president continue to wear them on international travels and meetings.

As they days go by, we believe that majority of Ghanaians will develop a strong sense of fashion for local cloths and patronise their use.

The government may also introduce them as compulsory uniforms for the senior high schools and basic schools instead of importing these cloths for our students in the education sector.

The next four year term of the president will make significant impact in our local textile industry and creates massive jobs for our people in the country if the president continue to showcase these beautiful locally made cloths.

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Content created and supplied by: RainbownewsGh_official (via Opera News )

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