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Kennedy Aggyapong is making the road rough for Bawumia in 2024 - NPP must act immediately.

Every democratic state is entitled with certain prevililges and mostly the state must be backed with an approved constitution in other to make the ruling of the people very clear and concise. In addition to this, there is the need for Political Parties to emerge and contest for Political power in other to manage the affairs of the nation very well to the greatest expectations of Ghanaians. Currently speaking, the Only political parties who are dominating the scene in Ghana are NPP and NDC.

As history can tell as well as written documents can approve, the NPP and the NDC seems to come to power within the intervals of 8years. The years for NPP is gradually fading out and there is the need to get prepared for another elections in 2024 as the various Political Parties are preparing their candidates for the presidential race. It is romour that Dr Bawumia will led the NPP. If that will be the case then what we can advice the NPP executives is to act very fast.

NPP executives need to act immediately as Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong is making the road very tough and rough for Bawumia and NPP in 2024. We are aware about the recent incident involving Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong of which he have been referred to the privileges Committee in Parliament house. It is all about the words Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong made known to Erastus Donkor which states 'Beat the hell out of him'. It was base on these words that the Multimedia have filled a complain of threat against Kennedy Agyepong and Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong also hails from the NPP.

Despite the pending case against Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong at the privileges Committee, he went further to spark a new beef with Captain Smart as the two parties were on each other for some days ago. The point we want to establish is that, Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong is beffing journalists and Journalists are highly respected in our societies. As a result, since Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong hails from the NPP Ghanaians will develop lack of interest for the party.

On account of this, we can say Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong is making the road very rough for the next NPP presidential candidate from NPP. Ghanaians may vote against such person as a result of how Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong is always on the neck of Journalists who provides the needed information to Ghanaians and they are Ghanaians favourite of all time. Therefore it is prudent for NPP executives to talk to Honourable Kennedy Aggyapong to calm down before we get closer into 2024 elections.

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