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Kevin Taylor's Heart Goes Broken As He Sends This Message To Ghanaians

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist Kevin Ekow Taylor has sent some thoughtful message to Ghanaians concerning how they're suffering in the country. Kevin Taylor has shared a message today stating that Ghanaians have been deprived of the simple basic things for too long but if you try to advocate for them, then you become an enemy to them.

According to him, the country is full of tribalism and people don't care to vote for their tribesman to be come the leader when they know that he can't do the work for them. He said he don't get it when the people in Assin Central keep voting one candidate who has nothing to show for 20 years.

"Ghanaians have been deprived of the simple basic things for too long to the extent that if you rise to advocate for that to be corrected so they can also live decent lives and have access to basic things they rather see you as the ENEMY.

The country is so polarized on tribal lines that people don’t care if their tribesman will rather kill them, they will still vote for the fella.

I just don’t get it, how can Assin Central be voting for an idiot like Ken Agyapong for 20 years when not even a single road is currently in Good shape in the constituency?" Kevin Taylor said in the first place.

He continues by saying that after 60 years of independence, things should be okay for Ghanaians but the same mess has continue till date. He argued that if not tribalism why should former President, John Dramani Mahama who gave massive development to the people of Ashanti region be denied the opportunity to be a president. He said they rather choose to vote for someone who has nothing to show which he don't understand. He told Ghanaians that they should understand that all that he and some people want is the betterment of Ghana.

"After over 60 years after independence, one would have thought these foolishness will be a thing of the past but it’s rather getting worse.

If not how can someone who built the single biggest market for Ashanti Region(Kejetia market), Asawaase, Tafo markets and gave them 13 E-Blocks with hospitals such as Afari, Sewa, Tepa, Fomena among others be hated and called denigrating names but someone who has nothing to show be loved because he’s from their ethnic group?

We have to understand that all that some of us seek to do is to make Ghana a better place.

The foolishness in Ghana in the last 5 years is outrageous, sometimes I feel like shutting down everything and just focus on myself and family" Kevin Taylor angrily stated.

"After all, America is not heaven as some fools would put it but it comes with enormous opportunities that the slightest push will make you live a decent life unlike Ghana" Kevin Taylor told Ghanaians.

According to Kevin Taylor's message sent to Ghanaians, he is advising them to stop voting in tribal way and vote for people who can deliver instead of hating the best one who can lead them to see the future.

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