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In Case You Find Yourself In Danger, Say These Prayers For Protection

Is it every one of us reading this article that have a well defined meaning of cultism? Some people may be feeling that cultism is all about carrying knives, guns, axes, etc and be terrorizing the whole society. But that is not how it is supposed to be. When I made a little research with the Word of God, I get to find out that one of the main reasons why some people join most of these occult societies is because the cultists claim as tho they have a fascinating or wonderful approach to learning about God.

Some of them go as far as even promising you that they can be able to source for solutions which could solve your human problems. And that is just a lie because they are only deceiving you. Be careful and watchful so that you won't fall into their trap. The funny part here is that if you definitely join them and notice that what they are doing is absolute rubbish, it would be hard for you to quit it.

The reason why it would be hard for you to quit is because they would keep threatening to kill you any day you attempt to leave them. God rejects and forbids any teaching that doesn't correspond with the Bible. And that is why I keep insisting that you should be careful and watchful. Another funny part also is that these same set of people may promise quick answers, replies or solutions to human problems.

For your own information, God is disgusted by magical practices, incantations etc. Don't allow anybody to deceive you please. As such, if you accept any form of cult practices as a way of knowing God, you could be punished severely because it is false and dangerous. Hallelujah.

Dear brethren, let us pray: Oh Lord, please grant me the grace to be careful and watchful against these cult practices.

Say these prayers: Oh Lord God, I commit my life into that lands, take absolute control over it. Oh God, please guide and protect me in this condition. As I find myself in these condition, may you set me free.

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