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“God Has Not Given Up On This Country”– Afghan Christian Couple

Note: The following was shared by Open Doors, a non-profit Christian organization that helps persecuted Christians all around the world. The real photos of the discussed Individuals was never revealed for some reasons. All photos used in this article are photos of other Christians or parents in Afghanistan.

The birth of their daughter on the evening Kabul fell to the Taliban, according to Christian parents in Kabul, was a message from God that " God had not given up on their homeland" .

A local source forwarded the encouraging statement to Open Doors.

Following Taliban Takeover, the future of Afghanistan' s small and covert Christian community appears to be gloomy at the moment.

Taliban Fighter

Open Doors Asia' s Communications Director, Jan Vermeer, said that sources on the ground corroborate that the Taliban is going house to door to pick out ' unwanted elements. ' This includes everyone who has collaborated with the West or with Christians in any way. Anyone who is identified as a Christian will face harsh repercussions, including kidnapping, torture, and even execution. "

" All of us are terrified; nevertheless, each of us reacts in a different way. Some attempt to flee the country, while others choose to remain in their current location and continue to be covert believers. Others wish to leave the country but are unable to do so. Others are perplexed as to what to do. "

Afghan Parent

Given her gender and Christian faith, the couple' s new daughter may face an uncertain and potentially perilous future.

According to an Open Doors research, female converts from Muslim homes, on the other hand, are the ones who have the most to fear. Incarceration via family/house arrest is an inconspicuous and acceptable method of exerting pressure on a Christian lady, just as the threat of divorce is. Women can be sold into slavery or prostitution, beaten violently, or subjected to s*xual exploitation and abuse.

However, the unknown couple has chosen to remain optimistic despite the circumstances.

" A baby born into a Christian home reminds us that God can bring life even in the midst of deepest darkness- that God can bring hope even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

My prayer is that God would protect this family and, despite the difficulties they face, will enable them to bear witness to Jesus, who is the hope of Afghans. I also hope that Christians all across the world will be moved to speak out and battle for the right to return to this severely disturbed region, as I have, " Jan Vermeer said.

Afghanistan is ranked second on the Open Doors World Watch List of 50 nations where it is most difficult to live as a Christian, following North Korea which ranks the first.

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