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Eyewitness narrates how armed robbers assassinated a top Islamic cleric, Ali Ahmed Maikano

Sheikh Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano (Baba Jalloo) (R.A) was a real and faithful scholar who was primarily interested in prayers (solat, both obligatory and superogatoty), remembrance of Allah (Azkar), repentance and finding forgiveness from the Almighty Allah (istigfar), frequent reading of the Holy Quran, reciting several “Durood” upon the holy Prophet Muhammad.

Sheikh Alhaji Abdullahi Ahmad Maikano Baba Jalloo (RA) was born in Aborso, Ghana, on November 13, 1928. On the 12th of September, 2005, he died in Aborso-Ghana. He is well-known in Ghana's Islamic culture, as well as in West Africa and elsewhere, for his intense courage and devotion to Islam. He dedicated his entire life to Allah's work. Calling people to repentance and preaching.

The police in the Bono East area have begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Sheikh Ali Ahmed Maikano, a prominent Islamic cleric. The deceased was reportedly traveling from Kajegu, where he was a guest speaker for a function, to his home in Prang when he was shot by alleged highway robbers.

DCOP Asumadu Okyere-Darko, the Bono East Regional Commander, described what happened, saying that one Abdul-Mumuni came to them on Tuesday to file a complaint.

He told them that the unfortunate incident occurred about 7 p.m. that day while he was riding a motorcycle with the famous son of the late Tijaniyya Cleric Ahmed Maikano Jallow.

According to him, upon reaching the Abromase road, some unknown assailants shot at them.

Abdul-Mumuni told them he had fled and had hurried to the police station to report the incident, he said. “We found the victim's body with a gunshot wound on his right leg,” the Bono East Regional Commander told Anass Sabit. He added, At that moment, he was dead. Some robberies had happened there before Abdul Mumuni and the victim also got there.

The police have opened an inquiry into the incident and are appealing to the public for information in order to arrest the perpetrators. 

Meanwhile, since the death was announced, many tributes have poured in. Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia identified the deceased as a peacemaker who worked to unite the country's Muslim community.

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