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Church member disgraces a prophet in public

There are a lot of people who are now finding ways to be seeing ahead and claim it's from God. Some normally used to say it's God that reveals to then

Some of this people are destroying marriages, families, creating conflict among good friends. This people will sometimes stand up and say, it's your mother in-law who is making you wretched or childless. The Bible also says in Matthew 7 : 15 ( beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves) so everyone must be careful, don't believe this people too much

A prophet approached one of his church member and said God has revealed to him to tell him to work on his jealousy rate. The church member said, no prophet, this is not from God, I have been doing charity work for many years now, it pains me when I see people in need, I give help to anyone who wants my help

Besides, I'm grateful about all what I have. I don't see myself envy or jealous people who have more than me. Other people in the church started saying he just have to accept what the prophet said

I can't accept false statement about me and lied before God that it's true then man replied. The prophet was really embarrassed and stopped talking

Please just be careful about these Prophets. Those oils that they have been selling in church is not good, Christ is against selling in the house of God.

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