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Members obeyed and remained inside the church building until it collapsed on them.

Video footage shared by Edem on twitter suggests that the pastor whose name wasn't mention in the post, ordered the church members to remain inside the building while its earlier sign of collapse triggered.

He ordered the members to remain inside and pray to overcome the demonic attack on the building.

In the early part of the video footage,it could be heard people seriously praying in tongues until it turned to screams of agony.

It took almost 1 minute for the building to finally collapse in the video footage.

Members could have been saved if they applied the wisdom given to them by God.

It is estimated that, about 100 members were inside the building.

some were seriously injured, others too met their untimely death.

Should we lose our sense of reasoning because of religious faith ?

The demonic attack on the church couldn't be defeated, this suggest that there is time for logical reasoning and a time to remain in faith.

Click the link below if you want to watch the video.

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