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We made Roman Catholics to begin to speak in Tongues too; and how I met god – Illuminati Confession.

A former Illuminati member known as Brother Oscar has given out a confession. He was not just an Illuminati but the President of Witchcraft in Africa.

Roman Catholic Magic: He narrated how he knew the Roman Catholic Church in the spirit world since he was part and a member of Roman Catholic magic. He worked with books like the prayer of Saint Charlemagne who was a man of war, but somehow, they turned him to a saint.

He continued “I was using candles and incense and in order to invoke the spirit. In the past, many evangelical churches were winning Catholic believers, and people came to discover the truth about the cult of Mary and the worship of idols. When the devil saw that the evangelicals were winning all the Catholic believers, he summoned an emergency meeting in the spirit world in order to counter the evangelicals that were winning Catholic believers.

I was not present in that meeting as I did not have time to attend but my colleague informed me about the resolution that was taken in that meeting. In fact, they decided to copy and adapt evangelical practice in order to keep people in the Catholic Church. The devil came up with the idea of Charismatic Renewal, which include the practice of speaking in an unknown tongue, prophesying and deliverance.

In this meeting, the devil assigned an angel of light to lead and guide this movement of Charismatic Renewal. The angel of light of Satan is the one who caused people in the Charismatic Renewal, to speak in tongues, to prophesy and to have vision. The Angel of Satan in the name of Tobit is the one imitating the gift and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic Movement in the Catholic Church. The purpose of this renewal was to stop and counter the evangelicals, but there is no Holy Spirit. It is the angel of light of Lucifer Tobit.

Meeting the God of the Sun: He indicated how he later went to sign a pact with the gods of Egypt, the sun god. They used to call her the queen. In order to travel to the sun, they were doing a concentration in prayer, and we were performing an astral journey to the pyramid. He continued “And from the pyramid, we were rising towards the sun. And when the sun rays enter our astral body, we were able to enter the sun where we were received by the sun god.

I was received by the queen and I signed a covenant with her. In this ceremony, I sat on a golden throne, and the queen who had seven powers gave me four of her seven powers. Then she summoned a tiger. The beast came walking around my throne and entered in me.

As a result, I became half-man, half tiger. I was covered in tiger skin, but no one could see it. When traveling in space, I became quicker in the air and on the earth. When traveling in space, one step was equal to 40 and 50 kilometers. The earth became a little for me, as each step of my feet was many kilometers.

Brother Oscar gave many recounts of his activities in Illuminati. Before he ended his testimony, he beseeched everyone to be serious in seeking the Light. He indicated Jesus Christ to be the Only Light we have in this world. Please share this post. And click on the + Follow button to subscribe to my page for more updates.

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