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If You Forget Things So Easily, Use These Directions To Solve Spiritually Caused Forgetfulness

One of the most painful experiences in life is when a person easily forgets something learnt in a short time past. Before one can easily forget something, it is either the person being an aged person, side effects from medications, trauma, vitamin deficiencies, cancer in the brain, and infections in the brain and a variety of other disorders and diseases.

Mostly forgetfulness is a physical condition but let's not forget everything physical has its spiritual side. So in today's article, I shall be giving my readers practices that cause spiritual forgetfulness, effects and directions to solve it with few common materials. Materials needed are Honey, Kola nuts, Tameawu plant and Red palm oil.

What causes spiritual forgetfulness?

  1. Eating in a dream constantly.
  2. Spiritual marriage.
  3. Masturbation addiction.
  4. Learning outside in the night.
  5. Inhalation and drinking of unprescribed spiritual materials.

Reasons for the use of honey in the direction

Honey is equipped with special nutrients which can help people both physically and spiritually. In spirituality when a person is asked to consume honey, it means that person needs the knowledge of wisdom. In so doing, honey is necessary for this routine.

Reasons for the use of Tameawu Plant

It boosts the digestive system and prevents the body from bacterias, which caused due to unhealthy food, especially vegetables. It helps us to treat intestinal worms, nausea, belching, and phlegm. The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb also help prevent bloating in your gut. Tameawu plant also has spiritual uses which are used to retrieve what was taken from you by evil spirits.

Reasons for the use of Kola Nuts

Kola nuts are known as the fruit of the gods. When one wants to take permission from the god and other good spirits to embark on a spiritual task, that person must first offer the gods a Kola nut. Kola nuts have two variety, White and Red. In this direction, we shall be using the Red Kola nuts with four lines on them.

Reasons for the use of Red Palm Oil

This will keep your body in great shape for the direction given. Red palm oil helps in decreasing cholesterol levels, reducing oxidative stress, boosting brain health, slowing the progression of heart disease, increasing vitamin A status, and improving skin and hair health. Spiritually it is used in the assembling of all the good spirit to have a taste of the Palm tree.

Without wasting much of your time, any person that believes that the kind of forgetfulness he or she is experiencing is spiritual should follow the directions below carefully.

Directions To Follow

  1. Get a white cloth without stains and spread it on the ground.
  2. Put a mortar on the white cloth and sprinkle water around it.
  3. Introduce your Kola nuts with four lines on them and your Tameawu plant in the mortar and add a small amount of water to it.
  4. Pound the Kola nut and the Tameawu plant completely to get it in a liquid form.
  5. Get a 1-litre bottle and pour the mixture into it. Make sure it does not reach the equilibrium, make it reach the middle part of the bottle.
  6. Again, pour your red palm oil and the Honey into that same 1-litre bottle and shake it to mix completely.
  7. Pray over it. Say whatever your heart desires onto the bottle and close the bottle.
  8. Keep it in a cool dark place for one day for it to supercharge.
  9. Every morning before you go to your field of work, studies, take one teaspoonful of the concoction.
  10. Do this until you see changes in yourself.

It takes a true gift for one to be able to direct others towards a set-up goal. My directions are simple and straightforward to perform. I know what spirituality can do to humanity if they mess up given directions. I will urge everyone attempting this ritual to fully understand it before embarking on it.

I believe this article was helpful. You can ask me what is troubling you in the comment section, I will gladly reply to you with love or you can forward it to me on WhatsApp on 0556069880.

Don't forget to share, comment and follow me for updates on spirituality. Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: TeacherKhobby (via Opera News )



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