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I Don't Attend Church Because Of Offering - Fast Rising Musician Kwame Yogot Causes Huge Stir

Due to the increase in bad practices in the church, some have vowed never to step foot in Church. Those who don't fellowship in any church have their reasons as follows: with Sunday morning, the Ghanaian with a boyfriend or girlfriend is about to go to church after fornicating all week.

They hear people say, "God looks at the heart not the dressing" You put on a mini skirt and go to church? Then you're like " God looks at the heart not my mini skirt!" Seriously??? Dressing like you're going clubbing is not funny. A small dress, top or skirt that fits a 5year old? This is so sad. People don't Respect God.

Another set, those sleeping with people’s husbands and wives, will also show up, at the front seat and use some of the money they obtained from their ways for tithes and offering. The boss who slept with the young graduate before giving her a job, will be seated up there near the pastor as a church elder too.

The woman who will lead praise and worship, watched porn or leaked sex tape a few days ago. The pastor himself slapped his wife for questioning his decision last week and he texted one of his side chicks that she should wear something sexy today for church as he will be looking out for her in the crowd.

Amongst all these people would be the hypocrites who will be singing the loudest and dancing like ducks, the 'Patapaa' style. This is the picture of a typical African church and even that I have been extensively generous. I have not mentioned the deaconess who is not on talking term with the other deaconess because of gossip and jealousy, the organist who has three girlfriends and the usher who masturbated last night. 

Many of the above reasons are given as why people don't go to church. For VGMA nominee and fast rising musician Kwame Yogot, he stopped going to church because he couldn't afford offering. In a lengthy chat with Fiifi On Kingdom FM, the unsung category nominee indicated that if his pastor will give him GHc500 cedis, he will start to attend church.

You can watch the full video here.

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