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Say This Powerful Prayer To Break Every Curse Pronounced On You

Father, I am determined that no weapon made against me will develop, and every tongue raised to curse me will be cursed in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Today I declare a day of fruit, a day of success, a whole day and a day of breakthrough in the name of Jesus. I declare that whatever in my life requires the Holy Spirit's attention, you visit, Lord Jesus, and free me from bondage in the name of Jesus.

God who is immortal, invisible and only wise, we express our deep gratitude in gratitude for the kindness and unchangeable love, which we experience in abundance every day, Lord, thank you for your infinite mercy and unfathomable kindness. measured, please, Lord, accept and accept our worship You are all glory, praise and worship.

Lord Jesus, I knock down every mountain that stands in my way and every hole that has been dug to engulf me and my family. I bind and determine in the mighty name of Jesus.

Dear father, thank you for speaking into my heart. Thank you for always guiding me on the path of eternal blessings and breakthroughs. Thank you for always guiding my steps. Please help me if I come out today.

I destroy every altar of disappointment on the brink of success in the name of Jesus. Every arrow of disappointment and confusion shot through my life and swirled in the name of Jesus. The spirit of disappointment, you can't give me the ransom.

Every unspoken curse against my life, a disturbance in the name of Jesus. Every curse pronounced internally against my fate, a disturbance in the name of Jesus. They stop inner curses and fight against my virtue in the name of Jesus.

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