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Things You have To Do If You Really Want To Succeed In This Life-Apostle Joshua Selman

Success is everyone's dream and daily target in all we do as the days goes by. There are people that struggles to be successful in all they do. The unadulterated word of God told us to be wise as serpent. Do not bring out things of destiny cheaply to everyone you meet.

Not everyone is supposed to have destiny relationship with you.

Do not give everyone access to your life at the same level. You must separate life and destiny into stages. There are certain people who are qualified to only stay at the outer vicinity of your life while some are destined to be in your inner circle.

Know ye not that your body is a temple of God? Meaning not everyone makes it to the most Holy ground. Some stay outside while some worship in God's temple. The inner court of God is where the seven lamp stands which are the seven spirits of God in us resides hence it is the most holy place therefore not everyone deserves to have access naturally.

Some of us are so weak-willed, we are friends to everybody. God at times tries to speak to us to cut some ties but for hard heartedness and disobedience which leads us not to hear His voice again hence destruction and failures in all that we do.

When God stops speaking to His people, many other forces starts speaking. The mind of our desire and passion takes over when God stops talking to us, most of which we mistaken to be God's voice.

God talks to us on the frequency of our obedience and our yielding to his word. As in the case of Ezekiel where he heard two voices saying; Son of Man;prophesy and he kept quite then he said I obey as I was commanded, then another voice came saying son of man now speak to these bones.

There are people that allows even visitors into their bedrooms upon first visit. Giving the uncommon access to the common person. Be wise beloved.

Learn to keep secret of your lives for most people will come into your life not because of who you are but because of what they can get from you.

Keep this as your watchword: Genuine people are scarce

Integrity is a rare virtue. Purity and sincerity a state of truth.

Don't forget 5000 people wanted to make Jesus King after he fed them with bread and fish.

The true prove of the quality of your association is when things are going bad in your life.

Sanctify them with thy word. Amen

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