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Same God, Different Religions. The Beginnings Of The Problems Of Man

This article is to express my opinion on the fact that there is only one God. Yes, only one God but there are different religions. Religion in itself is created by man.

If we follow a religion, we tend to hate our neighbors instead of loving them. One will ask why hate since God/Allah himself is love. On the land of pure Muslims when a Christian is recognized what happens? Even in our neighborhoods, when we identify a fetish priest what happens? Religion has made us hate one another instead of loving ourselves.

Before the western world came to colonize Africa, our forefathers had their means of worship. They were worshipping God Almighty through the lesser gods. The Christians worship God Almighty through Jesus Christ. The Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet but they don’t worship Allah through him. What am I driving at? We are all worshipping God/Allah in our way. As long as you believe He answers your prayers then follow what you believe in. What matters is not a religion but being morally upright before your creator. Sin cuts across all religions and they all preach against it.

Concerning my opinion, continue doing good, worship your God with all you have. Love one another instead of hate. In the end, we are all living on this earth and we are all we have got. So let love lead.

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