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Nana Agradaa reacts to leak video of Kwabena Tawiah pouring libation.

Popular fetish priestess who is widely know as Nana Agradaa has also added her voice to the trending video of Prophet Kwabena Tawiah pouring libation. On his popular television program on Thunder T.V which is entitled "Talking Point", the popular priestess revealed that a clear evidence to identify a man/woman of God is the holding of his/her Bible whiles a clear evidence to identify a fetish priest/priestess is when you see him/her holding his Schnapps, eggs, herd of sheep and invoking river gods and ancestral spirits.

But for Prophet Kwabena Tawiah to be holding Schnapps, black sheep, standing on a river and invoking ancestral spirits and river gods shows clearly that he (Kwabena Tawiah) is into the worship of idol and not God almighty. Kwabena Tawiah is into idol worshiping because no genuine man of God who has been called by Jesus Christ will not be calling river gods and pouring libation. She added that it is idol worshipers who does that.

Nana Agradaa added that ever since Jesus died for our sins with his blood Christians have stop sacrificing animals for God and for that matter as a man of God you don't have to engage yourself in such act.He also said that there is no Christian or a Pastor who will kill animals and bury them on the ground and not only that pour libations and call upon river gods.If Kwabena Tawiah is doing all these things then he is not a man of God but rather a typical fetish priest. She revealed that because she is a Fetish Priestess she can boldly say that Kwabena Tawiah is not from God because all that he is doing is what they (Fetish Priest/Priestess) do when they are offering their services to their gods.

He finally concluded that Ghanaians should be mindful of the one they say he/she is from God and the other they say he/she is not from God because the video of Kwabena Tawiah has proven that some men of God who are claiming to be worshiping the almighty God is rather serving gods.

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