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How To Use Snail Shell To Break Away The Spirit Of "Promise And Fail"

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The saddest thing in this world is been promised something by a friend and the person disappoints you when you need that thing. So in this article, I will teach you how to break away the spirit of promise and fail from your life using the shell of a snail. Snail shell have a lot of spiritual benefits which most people do not know.

What To Do

Step 1: Get about 7 shells of a snail.

Step 2: Put the shells of the snail in the water in the morning. Take them out in around 12 pm midnight and pray over it.

Step 3: Bath with the water but when bathing continuously chant the name of "Yeshua Hamashua" till you are done.

Step 4: This part is the most important. After bathing do not clean the water on your body with towel. Allow the water to dry from your body.

Please this is not magic but this is a spiritual way to break the spirit of promise and fail from your life.

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Snail Shell


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