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I Killed An Armed Robber In Self Defense. Am I Going To Hell For This?

Sin comes in many ways. We all know how sin originally entered into the world through Adam and Eve.

It is written we shouldn't judge, but I am really confused about this topic for so many years now. I believe there are spiritually inclined people here to provide me with answers. I know there is no bigger sin and a smaller sin, all sin are of the same weight. So let's imagine armed robbers attacked your family one night. They demanded for money which you provided them with. Just when they were about to leave, they had a change of mind and decided to sleep with your wife and your 18-year-old daughter.

 In an attempt to force themselves on your wife, you mastered courage and took the gun from one of them and shot both of them to death. In a scenario like this, is a sin before God or I may find myself free before the throne of God during judgment day.

 Also, in the eyes of men, is it a crime or before the law to kill two people in cold blood with their own gun?

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