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Woman Fights Pastor During Prayer Session, Stops Him From Putting Hand on Her Head

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A video that has gone viral few hours ago is that of a lady who refused the touch of a pastor during a deliverance service.

Looking at the viral video, it is clearly seen that the pastor was following around this lady after she refused to allow a touch from this man.

At the point the lady realised the man continued following him and had no intention to let her be, she had no option than to fight this clergyman.

Even though the locations and time this incident tool place is still unknown, the video has got netizens attention and many people have shared their thoughts on this matter.

With many opinions that are shared, people believe that the woman who rejected deliverance was right.

According to sounds, the lady was allegedly accused by the clergyman as a witch.

What are your thoughts on this issue, do you think the lady was right? Leave us your comments in the comment section below.

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