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He Eats 100 Razor Blades Per Day. Meet The Magician Who Claims To Be LUCIFER.

He is capable of eating blades, keys, chain and even any other metal you can think of. He is a magician with the Off Black. What is even a magician?. A magician is a person who perform illusions to mystify and entertain audiences. They use quick hand movements and a variety of other techniques to perform classic tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making a handkerchief disappear. Although some takes it to a certain height of using voodoo in it.

I Eat 100 Razor Blades In A Day”- Meet The Man Who Claims To Be Lucifer

In today's article, I will show you one of Africans deadliest and scariest magicians who does unbelievable things which has even gains him the name "LUCIFER". Most of his tricks are about controlling fire and eating or consuming metals without hesitation.

He was born in Burundi in this African continent. He makes a living out of the magic tricks he portrays on the streets for a little cash. He claims to eat 100 blades a day and does many dangerous works too.

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