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Prayer just for you: Take 2 minutes and lets pray for victory and Protection today.

God doesn’t need the devil’s equipment to train His children! Why would He use Satan’s tools as instruments of righteousness after He told us he’s a murderer and the father of lies? If God could put sickness on you to humble you and you took drugs to take away God’s instrument for your required humility, that invariably means you and Satan are in the same camp, lying against God!

Let's pray, I am healed in Jesus Name. Every infirmity in my body is gone now in the name of Jesus Christ. I put on the whole weapons of God. I trample the devil under my feet. Every demonic spirit seeking for my blood will be drunk in thier own blood and those seeking for my flesh will be fed with thier own flesh.

The Lord will forever guide me and direct me unto the path of greatness. I will be great and excel in all my handy works. I will be fruitful in all things I do because the Lord will always send forth the victory rain.

Failure is not my portion in all areas of my life. The grace of God will locate to greatness. I am blessed and highly favored in Jesus Name. Thank you Lord Jesus for victory today in Jesus Name Amen.

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